Research and Development


Innovative smart grid analysis and sizing tool (inCAD) and innovative forecasting, energy routing and data analytics algorithms (inEnCo_sw).


The aim of the MAITES Project is to analyze different scenarios of the infomobility sector particularly related to the various contexts of road transport.


The aim of the MAITES Project is to analyze different scenarios of the infomobility sector particularly related to the various contexts of road transport.


“The aim of the SARA (Search And Rescue Aid and Surveillance using High EGNSS Accuracy) project is to design and start marketing a product, starting from an already implemented prototype.

track & know

Big Data for Mobilità Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas

5g sensor@sea

5G Smart Edge Node and Smart Objects enabling Reliable Services Extended All Over the seas


Energy Communities Management System


Operational Platform managing a fleet of semi-autonomous drones exploiting GNSS high Accuracy and Authentication to improve Security & Safety in port areas


“The objective of the Parhfinder project (PTN as A Technology to support a scalable Fleet of linked Drones operating in BVLOS scenarios for preventive monitoring.


An infrastructure for public lighting efficiency services as a basis for integration with Smart City services.


Intelligent and Optimized Management System of Resources and Energy in complex realities.
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Charging battery of an electric car in city


Integration and testing of the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) embedded software, developed by SolarEdge E-Mobility for the commercial vehicle…

OCTO Telematics SpA

World leader company in the insurance telematics sector and in telematics solutions for the automotive and mobility sector.


It is the first earth observation mission conceived for dual purposes, i.e. civilian and military.
Beer Bottles


Leading global company in the development and marketing of beer and cider brands.
Space satellite orbiting the earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.


A program by the Italian Space Agency, Thales-Alenia Space and Telespazio, which aims to create and put…


A constellation of 30 satellites, Galileo is the European program for the construction of a satellite system for global…

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