Energy Community Management System

ECMS (Energy communities management system) is the innovative platform, developed by Sistematica S.p.A. for the 360 ​​° management of the aspects (organizational, operational and technical) relating to the market of energy production communities from renewable sources (CER) and the more general evolutions that their introduction will involve in the electricity market, not only nationally (for example the creation of “VPP: Virtual Power Plants”, the development of the MSD market, etc.).

The ECMS platform is able to manage all problems related to CERs, self-consumer aggregates and “aggregates of aggregates”, in terms of: configuration, sizing, support for implementation, monitoring and control (including remote control of loads, active devices, storage, etc.), management (accounting, distribution of consumption, billing and reporting).
  • scenario simulation (through a special "modeler")

  • support for the choice of the optimal configuration (consumer and prosumer balance, identification of the most suitable legal form)

  • support for the sizing of plants (production, storage, etc.) based on past consumption and the estimate of future consumption

  • definition of implementation criteria (internal and / or third party investments, simulation of economic and financial values ​​for all subjects (CER members, possible investors, etc.)

  • Preparation of preliminary documents (e.g. application)

  • Actual configuration of the aggregate

  • Automatic preparation of necessary documents (statute, regulation, documents for GSE)

  • Project management support

  • plant monitoring

  • support for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (anomalies management and intervention ticket management process)

  • collection in real time of consumption data, single and aggregated

  • piloting of devices (inverters, storage, loads that can be driven) for optimization of aggregate self-consumption

  • Reporting (fully configurable)

  • calculation of incentives and related allocations (individual and aggregate amounts) based on the criteria defined

  • accounting and invoicing

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