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CoDrive is an innovative predictive driving system, developed by Sistematica S.p.A together with the Italian rally champion Paolo Andreucci.

CoDrive is a real digital driving assistant that, in addition to displaying the classic route directions, provides updated information in real time on the stretch of road you are traveling on (for example, a right-hand bend of medium difficulty) and related driving advice. (slow down for a dangerous curve to the right), just like a real co-driver.

Thanks to its innovative algorithm, CoDrive supports the driver with advice to optimize driving and correct any errors, thus helping him to reduce consumption (fuel) and vehicle wear (brakes, tires, etc.).

Just like a real co-pilot

The system monitors the driver’s driving style by analyzing the following parameters:

The speed

Compare speed
of the vehicle with the speed limit of the section it is travelling.

The cornering speed

Indicates the ideal speed for cornering based on the road surface and weather conditions (for example in the event of fog)

Le accelerazioni

Warns about sudden accelerations to avoid dangerous situations.

The braking

It also keeps track of braking based on the specific road section you are traveling on.

La curvatura

Avvisa se la curvatura non è adatta al tipo di curva che si sta affrontando.

Any distractions

The application monitors and warns of any dangerous behavior (using a smartphone while driving, etc.).

The optimal parameters

Indicates the deviation from the optimal parameters compared to the target set (for example to reduce fuel consumption).

It will be available by the end of the year, in basic and sport versions, for any road, both as an autonomous “mobile app” and as an “information layer” for the main navigators such as Google Maps or Waze.

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