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Roberto Ricci

CHAIRMAN Gruppo Sistematica S.p.A.

Gruppo Sistematica S.p.A

A group with 11 million annual revenues and over 100 technical resources.

The company was founded in Terni in 1998, from the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of professionals in the ICT and information security fields from important Italian companies in the sector

Leader for services and integrated software solutions for over twenty years, Sistematica S.p.A. today it is one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the ICT sector, specializing in software development and system integration activities, including the most recent areas of big data analysis, machine learning, security.

Why Choose us?

Since 20 years we have been offering turnkey solutions for companies, individuals and public institutions.

The participation, with tasks of absolute importance, in international projects with a high technological level of specialization have allowed the development of specialized know-how in various fields (aerospace, automotive, cybersecurity and energy management), becoming a reality with over 10 million revenues a year, over 100 technical resources distributed in 4 offices throughout the country and a software farm for the development of turnkey projects and for the provision of SaaS services.

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Technical Resources distributed across four locations

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All our products are the result of a know-how developed over the years, combined with the great experience of most of our collaborators.

  • Aerospace
  • Energy Managment
  • Automotive
  • Cloud & Sicurezza


As a software solution provider with over 20 years of experience, Sistematica S.p.A. offers a wide range of products, systems and customized software solutions for the aerospace industry.

Thanks to our know-how, gained over the years in numerous missions with one of the main players in the sector such as Leonardo S.p.A., we are able to develop customized solutions for remote sensing (in the civil and military fields) and for ground infrastructures, including data processing algorithms (processors).

We design and supply “tailor-made” solutions (on site or in SaaS/Paas) for monitoring complex networks of ground segments of space systems, as well as smaller constellations, always guaranteeing the most advanced international IT security standards such as EAL4/ Common Criteria.

We support our customers in all phases of the software life cycle, with a rigorous development methodology that starts from the offer, passes through design and implementation, up to validation.

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Energy management

Thanks to the know-how gained in the field and the ability to develop innovative IoT solutions, Sistematica S.p.A. offers its customers a wide range of solutions and tools for energy management. The Group also has an ESCo (Energy Saving Company), for energy saving projects which may also include investments on behalf of customers.

We develop integrated hardware and software systems for the optimal management of the energy needs of any type of organization (companies, public bodies, private customers), with the aim of reducing consumption and improving energy efficiency.

Our solutions in the field of energy management allow us to support customers in all areas of interest:

  • energy diagnoses;
  • remote diagnostics of field devices;
  • collection and analysis of production and consumption data;
  • optimization of production environments;
  • intelligent lighting in both industrial and public areas, with devices based on the latest generation LED technology (COB) and IoT devices.

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Thanks to its twenty years of experience in the field of hardware and software system design, Sistematica S.p.A. is today one of the most popular companies in Italy that deals with the design and development of solutions for the automotive sector.

Sistematica supports all companies in the automotive and transport sectors, with systems capable of satisfying their needs for innovation, optimizing processes, maximizing performance and improving their competitiveness on the market.

We develop integrated hardware and software systems to make assets always connected and “smart”. In fact, our next-generation solutions for the automotive sector are able to maximize the efficiency and profitability of assets, opening up new business models for our customers.

We design and manufacture “ad hoc” systems for the automotive industry, built according to the specific needs of our customers, for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket solutions.

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IT Security

Sistematica SpA has been involved in IT security since 2001, offering a wide range of innovative SSL tools and products to companies and individuals, who want to guarantee cybersecurity, respond to threats and efficiently manage the costs related to their management.

Sistematica S.p.a., in addition to being the official vendor of IBM and Sophos IT security solutions, is also a Certified Regional Partner for Italy of GlobalSign, a leading company of reliable security and identity solutions that allow companies, cloud service providers and IoT innovators to secure online communications, manage millions of verified digital identities, and automate authentication and encryption.

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Products & Services

Our Products

Discover the Products & Services developed by the Sistematica S.p.A. Group


Multipurpose hub for the collection and control of data from the field, for the management of the technical, operational and energy produced aspects of the energy production communities from renewable sources (CERs).


Innovative platform for the 360° management of the aspects (organisational, operational and technical) relating to the energy community market (CER).


Web-based solution for the remote management of energy production plants.


We support companies with security solutions for cloud, networks and mobile devices for complete management of cyber risks.

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Sistematica S.p.A. lead your company in the technological evolution necessary to compete in the market of the future.
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