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Supporting companies with our GlobalSign security solutions.


Sistematica has became a TOP Tier Partner in Italy of GlobalSign, a leading Security Certification Autohority of the world.

Operating since many years in IT security, today we have a direct cooperation with the world’s longest-running and reliable European CA, accredited by the Web Trust since 2001, always comply with the policies established by CA/B Forum.

Our know-how allows us to support companies of all targets such as Banks, Healthcare, trasporti, Government, telecommunications and all the organizations that need to protect sensitive data and sensitive information or transactions with security products and solutions for comprehensive risk management. Particularly, we provide:

We provide centralized certificate management and all the tools, services and SSL/SMIME products to reduce risk, respond to threats and control those cost.

With millions of devices connecting to the Internet, security is becoming more and more of a concern, GlobalSign is the Certificate Authority (CA) that can deliver certificates at cloud scale to meet the security needs of IoT innovators.

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    More than 20 years experienced in the design and development of complex and integrated SOFTWARE solutions. Highly skilled resources for realtime and distributed systems, big data analytics and specific algorithms implementation. 3 software farms for turn key projects development and delivery.


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